I was born in 1970, in Rome.
I've been seriously dedicating to photography since 2005 (but started in 2003).
I've applyed to basic courses and in 2008 to a 'social reportage' photo course (Graffiti photographic school).
About my production, I've partecipated to 3 collective exibithion in Rome, 2 focused on Youthnes and Rome (sponsored by a departmento of Rome Major office) last one on Nargis Typhoon in Myanmar (may 08).
Some reportages are published in on-line magazine Witness journal (n°13 - photo, n°16 - photo and n°20 - photo). Photos published on National Geographic Italia magazine (june 08), on Graffiti press site ( (about Typhoon in Myanmar) and on on-line newspaper La Repubblica (photo).
I've realized a project for Children Future Project ( regarding orphanotrophy in Ukraine, part of a on-going project about youthfull abandonment problem.
I also realize other works on dancing, theatre, concert and commercial for Mercedes-Benz.
Sensibility for art in general mixed to an interest in discover and know and deep feeling with people humanity are really part of myself and drive my eyes in choose pictures that ever have person as center of attention.
Tell stories trough my lens is my way to interpret the world which sorrounds me.
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